How good are your research skills?

Danielle Roney, Genesis Trial: Johannesburg I

Hello Art Nerds! You should be able to find all the answers to all of these questions WITHOUT leaving the MOCA GA website.

Use the entire website, including the searchable Pastperfect database… and remember your boolean operators!  AND /  OR  /  NOT  /  ()  /   “”

1. What was the name of the first MOCA GA Exhibition?

2. What is the Title of the 1995 work by the artist featured in the first MOCA GA exhibition that is part of the MOCA GA Permanent Collection?

3. Who were the very first 3 Working Artist Project Winners?

4. Who was the 2012/2013 Working Artist Project Curator, and for which museum did she work?

5. What Atlanta arts writer wrote the catalogue entry for the WAP exhibition Samsara in 2011?

6. Which Hans Christian Anderson Story partially inspired the title for one of the 2014/2015 working artist Fellows’ exhibitions?

7. What level membership do MOCA GA volunteers receive?

8. What type of fish was featured in a Jamaican-born artist’s recent exhibition?

9. Which Georgia Artist, who originally trained as an architect at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote a monograph on Frank Stella?

10. Who photographed Susan Cofer’s studio in 1999?

11. How many of Susan Loftin’s houses in the MOCA GA permanent collection are red in color?

12. How many books in MOCA GA’s Library have “Art Deco” in the title

13. What photgrapher is featured in the book Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists?portraits of Southern Artists?

14. Whose archival sketch features two lions?

15. What exhibition featured photography and film by artists, and centered around themes of the forest?