How good are your research skills?

Danielle Roney, Genesis Trial: Johannesburg I

Hello Art Nerds! You should be able to find all the answers to all of these questions WITHOUT leaving the MOCA GA websites including YouTube  and Instagram channels.

Use the entire website, including the searchable Pastperfect database… and remember your boolean operators!  AND /  OR  /  NOT  /  ()  /   “”

16. Dawned in a bright green safety vest, what WAP muralist took over the MOCA GA Instagram account for an afternoon?

17. Who showed us her illuminated spirits on Instagram, during her nights in a cabin in the woods?

18. During Craig Drennen’s Instagram takeover, what does he reveal to be the “connective tissue between the Bandit era and his current work?

19. What cloud-like natural material does Bojana Ginn often employ in her installations, examples of which can be seen in her Instagram takeover images?

20. What biproduct of his work covers the floor of Brian Dettmer’s studio on an image posted during his Instagram takeover

21. Which 2014 exhibition features an artist, whose passion for gems and minerals, inspired her for over 40 years of creating.

22. in 2003, which artist could be seen hard at work in the MOCA GA Galleries for a six-week period.

23. There are many artist talks featured on the MOCA GA YouTube channel, but which female artist’s oral history was filmed in her home studio in 2011.

24. Also in 2011, what 2008/2009 artist did MOCA GA film in his studio as a “studio talk”

25. In 2017 a panel discussion concerning global immigration and refugees was held in conjunction with Mario Petrirena’s solo exhibition The Distance Between. Who was the moderator?