Installation View, Dreams of a Sleeping Giant

Matt Haffner: Dreams of a Sleeping Giant
2008/2009 Working Artist Project (WAP)
Exhibition Dates: April 25 – June 6, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, April 24th

The MOCA GA 2008/2009 Working Artist Project selected by Carter Foster, The Whitney Museum of Art, Curator, Curator of Drawings.

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About Matt Haffner

Matt Haffner’s (b. 1969 in Akron, Ohio) work on panel explores ambiguous narrative derivative of film noir and comic books. He paints from composited photographs and maintains a very cinematic and photographic aesthetic in his work. Matt is also well known for his public art works of wheat-pastes on public building walls that evoke ideas about graffiti and ephemeral street art. Haffner is currently head of the photography department at Kennesaw State University. His documentation of his 2006 Atlanta Celebrates Photography Public Art Project was recently added to the MOCA GA permanent collection.

About Dreams of a Sleeping Giant

“For this new body of work I wanted to bring the element of scale from my ephemeral public installations, and the temporary nature of large paper pieces into the environment of the museum space. The large-scale works in this exhibition, similar to many of my earlier works, deal with ideas of sensational simplicity, or the use of techniques that use a minimal amount of materials (simply x-acto cut paper). These materials are accessible and familiar, but by combining these ordinary materials with innovative technique and a richly layered conceptual narrative, they then transcend their everyday associations into something sensational.”
– Matt Haffner