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Micah Stansell: The Water and the Blood

Aug 27, 2011 - Dec 3, 2011
10am - 5pm

2010/2011 Working Artist Project

Micah Stansell is a 2010/2011 Working Artist Project Fellow selected by Allison Unruh, Assistant Curator from The Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Micah Stansell: The Water and the Blood

Micah Stansell’s work explores ideas of family history, narrative traditions, and binary relationships that pull from contemporary issues influenced and informed by environment and location. Much of Stansell’s interest in narrative stems from the rich Southern tradition of storytelling. The genesis of the The Water and The Blood is a family story, and that story makes up the core narrative event, but most of the elements surrounding this core event have been imagined, or pieced together from remembrances of hearing the story told. The work is as much about the idea of remembering, and imagining, and seeing as it is about any single event. The work possesses a level of openness to the narrative that allows the viewer to access the work in their own way, and bring their own context to bear on the reading of the intentionally spare narrative.

The artist says of his work, “Most of my work is structured around ideas of relationships or pairings (such as memory/history, man/woman, urban/rural, past/present)…how these pairings are simultaneously opposite and complement.”

– Micah Stansell

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