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Maria Artemis: Events That Rhyme

Aug 15, 2009 - Sep 26, 2009
10am - 5pm

2008/2009 Working Artist Project

The MOCA GA 2008/2009 Working Artist Project selected by Carter Foster, Curator of Drawings, Whitney Museum of Art, New York City.

Maria Artemis: Events That Rhyme

“This new body of work grew organically in response to the opportunities presented through the Working Artist Project. It has given me the time and mental space to follow the most alive exploratory edge of my creative proclivities, with a focus on reading/research, drawing, and experimenting with form, materials and new technologies.

Shaping the experience of a given space or site through the modulation of sculptural form has been the focus of my work for over 25 years. So the expansive nature of MOCA GA’s new exhibition space inspired this work directly. The configuration of forms in space, their scale and relationship to each other become for me, a poetic, fertile and visceral language through which to speak. I could attempt to describe the work in the exhibit but to do so would break it into parts. I prefer to leave the work as a whole open to the viewer’s experience.

Consciousness is a cause for wonder. We interpret our impressions of the world through familiar associations and evolving interpretations as we live the interplay between dynamic order and chance, able to respond with awareness and volition.

My hope is that the ‘world’ of this exhibit will create an opening for the visitor/participant (as the making of it did for me); an invitation to spend time in the gap before naming begins.”

– Maria Artemis

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