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Rocio Rodriguez: Parallels

Jan 28, 2006 - Mar 25, 2006
10am - 5pm

“The paintings that will be shown at MocaGA embrace a sensual disorder that seeks a fusion between contradictory elements. This conceptual position celebrates differences, and is key to the work’s making.  My paintings are heavily influenced by drawing and there is an attempt at fusing these two modes (painting vs. drawing) of thought within some of the compositions. Not only are the initial ideas first derived from drawings but they are later photographed/digitized and re-worked in the computer where further drawing and multiple editing occurs before arriving at a new sketch/study for a painting.

My images are derived from both organic and mechanical forms. Using these, I metaphorically address the multiplicity of the visual experience as well as the connectedness of things that on first viewing seem like opposites.   In some ways I am attempting to create a world in painting that very much parallels our experience in everyday reality. That is, juxtaposing conflicting yet connected systems.  Our lives are a confluence of chaotic and ordered experiences that we perceive on various planes—- intellectually, emotionally,  perceptually. I feel that painting can parallel, on some level, the complexity of this dynamic.”

-Rocio Rodriguez

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