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Light-Sound Intersections

Dec 1, 2006 - Jan 6, 2007
10am - 5pm

Light-Sound Intersections, Structure and Movement in Space and Time was a short run exhibition curated by Atlanta musician and composer, Dick Robinson. Using electroacoustic music which he composed from the 1970’s to the present, Mr. Robinson created a soundtrack to accompany an exhibition of artwork selected by the composer from MOCA GA’s permanent collection. The two December formal concerts featured Mr. Robinson and his most recent music, composed from 2005 to the present.

Mr. Robinson received his Master’s degrees in composition and violin at the American Conservatory in Chicago. Further studies in electronic/computer music were with Robert Moog, Hugh LeCaine, Charles Dodge, Kurt Hebel, and Carla Scaletti. He founded the Atlanta Electronic Music Center in 1965. In 1970 his piece Ambience was co-winner of the first prize in the Dartmouth International Electronic Music Competition. Robinson played violin with the Atlanta Symphony for 36 years, retiring in 1987 to devote his full time to composition. His electronic and computer music has been performed in colleges and universities throughout the United States, as well as at the ’91, ’96, and ’99 SEAMUS conferences, and in Europe at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris, the Institute for Sonology in Utrecht, the Festival de Musique d’Aujourd’hui (Extasis 89), in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Futura 1994 series in Crest, France. An early piece, MLK (1968) is recorded on the album Mighty Risen Plea (Sacred Frame Records), and recently the first two of a series of CDs covering the full range of his work has been issued, the first by Railroad Earth, and the second by Dharma bums studios.