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Demo: Strathmore Paper

Apr 4, 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

FREE Demo!

Strathmore: The Essentials of Paper

Sponsored by Binders

Image by Nancy Spielman

Nancy Spielman, Artist Educator for Strathmore Artist Papers™, will present “The Essentials of Paper”, a 90-minute hands-on presentation on Strathmore Drawing and Watercolor Papers. The presentation will focus on how understanding a paper’s fiber, weight, texture, surface, grade and permanency affect an artist’s choice and usage of fine art paper. Attendees participate in hands-on exercises, using a selection of papers and drawing materials. The goal of the presentation is to provide information to help artists select the right papers for their medium and techniques.

The presentation will cover all aspects of fine art drawing papers including:
 History of Writing Surfaces: parchment to papyrus to paper
 History of Paper: from China to Europe
 How Paper is Made: past and present
 Handmade paper vs. Machine made paper
 Components of Paper: fiber, watermark, surface texture, sizing, weight, permanence.
 Environmentally friendly papers and alternative fibers: cotton, wood, hemp
 Types of Paper: newsprint, sketching, drawing, bristol, illustration, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, mixed-media, printmaking
 Grades of Paper: 300 , 400, 500 Series: for students, artists, professionals
 Paper Storage

Attendees will receive FREE:
 Strathmore papers & literature
 Selection of drawing materials
 Watercolor brush

About the Presenter

Nancy Spielman is a painter living in Delray Beach, Florida. She received her M.F.A. from Florida Atlantic University and prior to that a B.S. from Southern Illinois University, with a major in Graphic Design. Nancy currently teaches Studio Art classes at Florida Atlantic University. She participates in a contemporary genre called Daily Painters, which focuses on small scale paintings. Her inspiration comes from everyday ordinary encounters. She travels with camera in hand and her photographs are the springboard for her artwork. Nancy received the South Florida Cultural Consortium Award in 2009. As an Artist Educator for Strathmore Artist Papers, Nancy gives lectures annually on the attributes and uses of fine art papers. Her work can be viewed at www.nancyspielman.com


75 Bennett Streeet
Atlanta, GA 30309 United States
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