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WAP: Cosmo Whyte

Nov 16, 2019 - Jan 11, 2020
11am - 5pm

Beneath Its Tongue
The Fish Rolls The Hook To
Sharpen Its Cadence

2018/2019 Working Artist Project

This round of Working Artist Project was curated by Allison Glenn, the Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

About the exhibition Beneath Its Tongue, The Fish Rolls The Hook To sharpen Its Cadence

Cosmo Whyte employs drawing and sculpture to explore the intersections of race, nationalism, and displacement.  Beneath Its Tongue, The Fish Rolls The Hook To sharpen Its Cadence introduces a new body of works that investigate how shared histories shape the process of diasporic self-expression. How can twenty-first-century migrants reconcile their colonial pasts and its various echoes while actively shedding the burdens of nationalism and origin? What new accents, inflections, and cadences might emerge from this process? What is at risk of being misheard in translation?

About Cosmo Whyte

Cosmo Whyte was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica in 1982. The Jamaican born artist attended Bennington College in Vermont for his Bachelor in Fine Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art for his Post-Baccalaureate Certificate and the University of Michigan for his MFA. He has exhibited in the US, Jamaica, Norway, France and South Africa. In 2010 he was the winner of the Forward Art emerging artist of the year award. In 2015 he was the recipient of the International Sculpture Center’s “Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award” and in 2016 he was the recipient of an Artadia Award. In 2016 Cosmo Whyte participated in the Atlanta Biennial and the recent 2017 Jamaica Biennial. Cosmo Whyte is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Montego Bay, Jamaica and is currently a professor at Morehouse College.

Featured Image: Cosmo Whyte, Salt Fish and Gold. Brixton 2019, salted Norwegian cod, custom jewelry, and golden map pins, 2019. Image and work courtesy of the artist.


Cosmos’s Artist Talk held on January 7, 2020

Photography by Fredrik Brauer