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Clay: Ceramic Masters

Apr 13, 2003 - Jun 28, 2003
10am - 5pm

CLAY was a comprehensive exhibition of major ceramic masters curated by Rick Berman, an outstanding artist, juror, teacher, lecturer, and author. Berman is an Atlantan and one of the country’s foremost authorities on modern ceramic masters.

CLAY took a historical look at the increased use in the 1960s and 1970s of clay as a medium for fine art objects. The exhibit focused on that moment in time when our local artists addressed the same issues as cutting-edge artists from across the country that were experimenting and re-defining the medium. The exhibition consisted of works by over 50 artists, including Georgia artists Andy Nasisse, Ron Meyers, Susan Loftin, and Diane Kempler, in juxtaposition to clay artists nationally and internationally. Work ranging from the traditional vessels of Japan and the United States to the cutting edge sculpture of Voulkos, Jun Kaneko, and Michael Lucero.

Wesley Anderegg

Adrian Arleo

Bennett Bean

Paul Chaleff

Tom Coleman

Charles Counts

David Crane

Sandy Culp

Val Cushing

Glen Dair

Richard DeVore

Dave Drake

Jack Earl

Edward Eberle

Mary Engel

Ken Ferguson

Frank Fleming

Laura W. Foster

Annette Gates

John Glick

Shoji Hamanda

Ryan Hancock

Mark Hewitt

Wayne Higby

Chuck Hindes

Kay Hwang

Sergei Isupov

Roger Jamison

Doug Jeck

Jun Kaneko

Karen Karnes

Kathy King

David Leach

Simon Levin

Marilyn Levine

Michael Lucero

Warren MacKenzie

Don McCance

Arie Meaders

Cheever Meaders

Lanier Meaders

Ron Meyers

Ben Owen

Don Penny

Geoff Pickett

Ted Randall

Don Reitz

Lucy Rie

Mary Roettger

Ted Saupe

Norm Schulman

David Shaner

Tatsuzo Shimaoka

Michael Simon

Sandy Simon

Paul Soldner

Toshiko Takeazu

Tim Taunton

Neil Tetkowski

James "Son" Thomas

Jack Troy

Torn Turner

Evelyn Unger

Peter Voulkos

M. Patti Warashina

Marianne Weinberg-Benson