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Art Auction 2017

Jan 9, 2017 - Jan 23, 2017
11am - 5pm

Working with artists to support moca ga

This year marks many exciting changes for MOCA GA, among them a change to the art auction! As many know, the spring fundraising and auction circuit in Atlanta continues to negatively impact arts organizations, galleries, and especially artists. MOCA GA is working to develop a new fundraising strategy that will offer greater support to artists and their galleries. This year, we will mount an online only auction which will include approximately 100 artists. This carefully curated auction will be promoted through MOCA GA and Paddle8 to an international audience. This supports MOCA GA’s underlying mission to launch Georgia artists and their works into the global artistic conversation!

All artists were given the opportunity to select their own minimum bids (protecting the value of their work) and also had the option to split the profits with MOCA GA. The auction will be supported by a two week-exhibition of the works for sale at MOCA GA! Come see the work, share the auction, and bid on your own great piece of art!

2017 Auction Artists:

Steven Anderson, Larry Jens Anderson, Maria Artemis, Temme Barkin-Leeds, Scott Belville, Paul Stephen Benjamin, Susan Blackmon, Lillian Blades, Clara Blalock, Amber Boardman, Eileen Braun, Sheila Pree Bright, Lucinda Bunnen, Joe Camoosa, Philip Carpenter, InKyoung Chun, Maurice Clifford, Susan Cofer, Hope Cohn, Corrine Colarusso, Kevin Cole, Don Cooper, Herbert Lee Creecy, Jr., Lucy Currie, Glenn Dair, Mario DiGirolamo, Terri Dilling, Joseph Dreher aka JoekingATL, Craig Drennen, Sarah Emerson, Jody Fausett, John Folsom, Jill Frank, Eula Ginsburg, Jean Glenn, Matt Haffner, Hense, Wanda Hopkins, EK Huckaby, Audrey Hynes, Benjamin Jones, Eric Kaepplinger, Susan Ker-Seymer, Judy Lampert, David Landis, Jack Lawing, Elizabeth Lide, Paul Light, Jr., Tyrus Lytton, Bri Matheson, Tim McCoy, Corrina Sephora, Michi Meko, Donna Mintz, Katherine Mitchell, William Mize, Jiha Moon, Myott, Eleanor Neal, Dorothy O’Connor, Masud Olufani, Lainey Papageorge, Jo Peterson, Mario Petrirena, Junco Sato Pollack, Wynne Ragland, Seana Reilly, LeeAnna Repass, Lucha Rodriguez, Rocio Rodriguez, M Scoffield, Robert Sherer, Jerry Siegel, Deanna Sirlin, Micah Stansell, Whitney Stansell, David Swann, Katherine Taylor, Alexi Torres, Gregor Turk, Lisa Tuttle, Larry Walker, Whitney Wood Bailey, Cosmo Whyte, Caomin Xie

2017 Auction Sponsors:


75 Bennett Streeet
Atlanta, GA 30309 United States