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GATHERED: Georgia Artists Selecting Georgia Artists

Feb 28, 2015 - Apr 11, 2015
10am - 5pm

 GATHERED featured 77 artists from 25 cities in the state of Georgia

To assemble an exhibition of work being produced by today’s Georgia artists, MOCA GA placed a call for submissions from all artists residing in the State. To curate this exhibition, MOCA GA asked four Georgia artists to serve as the selection committee. The intent of this exhibition is not to do a survey or to find a common theme, but to assemble in one exhibition some of the best work currently being produced in Georgia. By having this open call, MOCA GA is pleased to mount an exciting and thoughtful exhibition of work which embraces artists from around our State and at the same time fulfills MOCA GA’s mission of producing programs that promote the visual arts and create a forum for active interchange between artists and the community.

The result of this open call, GATHERED: Georgia Artists Selecting Georgia Artists, is an exciting and thoughtful exhibition featuring 77 artists from 25 cities in the state of Georgia. The selection committee, comprised of John D. Lawrence, Jiha Moon, Joseph Norman, and Brian Rust reviewed more than 1,133 individual works submitted by more than 384 artists from more than 76 cities in Georgia.

Addison Adams

Ashley Adiano

Alvaro Alvillar

Steven L. Anderson

David Armistead

Linda Armstrong

Sandrine Arons

Maria Artemis

Susan Beallor-Snyder

Joe Camoosa

Philip Carpenter

Namwon Choi

Maurice Clifford

Jason Cochrane

Corrine Colarusso

John Dean

Patrick Di Rito

Anthony Craig Drennen

Derek Faust

Tim Flowers

Gail Foster

Jill Frank

Angus Galloway

Bojana Ginn

Jean Glenn

Maury Gortemiller

Amanda Greene

Donte’ Hayes

Charles Haynes

Priscilla Hollingsworth

Roxane Hollosi

Carol John

Liselott Johnsson

Kelly Kristin Jones

Ashley Jones

Diane Kempler

Marcus Kenney

TeaYoun Kim-Kassor

Diane Kirkland

Phyllis Kravitz

Watt Locklear

Tyrus Lytton

Ann-Marie Manker

Timothy McCoy

Ry McCullough

Kelly Mills

Katherine Mitchell

William Mize

Eric Neubauer

Marc Newton

Lynx Nguyen

W. Chester Old

S. Patricia Patterson

Kaye Patton

Lourdes Perdomo

Junco Sato Pollack

Phil Ralston

Rainey Rawles

Donald Robson

Ben Rollins

Michael Roman

Jessica Scott-Felder

Jerry Siegel

Steffen Sornpao

Rylan Steele

Ben Steele

Steven Steinman

Ann Stewart

Kirsten Stingle

Steven Thackston

Chadwick Tolley

Sandra Trujillo

Alan Vaughn

Ansley West Rivers

Ally White

Jeffrey Whittle

Caomin Xie