MOCA GA's Graduate Residency Program

The Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia (MOCA GA) is offering an exciting opportunity for graduate students interested in arts administration. Selected residents will receive a stipend of $2,500 for this 220-hour, three-month summer residency. Residents will be selected to work with MOCA GA staff to gain experience in one or more of the following executive leadership specialty areas:

  • Archiving
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Exhibition planning and execution
  • Grant writing/research
  • Marketing
  • Membership development
  • Special event planning and execution

Stay tuned for future opportunities!

About the program

Each year, two graduate students interested in museum studies or arts administration join the graduate residency program—a paid, part-time position at MOCA GA that shadows each executive staff member in order to gain relevant job experience.  At the end of a 6 month period, each resident has worked closely with each department within the organization and proposes a project that they then implement at MOCA GA.  These qualified students are given more responsibility than undergraduate interns and are able to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom in a real, challenging Museum setting.

Past residents have implemented final projects such as a Volunteer Docent Training Program, a full reorganization of the Museum’s archives, and a Planned Giving Program.  As a small Museum, these programs are extremely valuable and give the student a tangible project that they can see grow in future years and show potential employers.

This program is made possible by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs and private donors.  

Quote from past resident Jessica Schmitz

"The Graduate Residency Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia was the perfect capstone for finishing my Master's Degree! I had interned at many museums before but through this program I learned new skills, advanced those which I already had and was actually able to make a meaningful, lasting impact on the collection. Being able to present my final project in front of not only the entire staff but also the director was a rare and incredible opportunity through which I grew to better understand how to showcase my ideas in a professional manner as well as how to adjust to comments and critiques in a job setting."

Quote from past resident Helen Herring

“This program could not have come at a better time in my life. I had done my fair share of short-term internships, but I felt like my resume needed something more grounded to show employers that I was ready for that first job as an arts administrator. I paired MOCA GA’s Residency with my Master of Arts in Arts Administration program at SCAD, which allowed me to apply my studies to real world scenarios. I cannot convey how important this program was in helping me solidify a vision for myself professionally. The staff at MOCA GA was so supportive during my time there, and I felt like they truly wanted me to succeed. This program not only let me explore all areas of museum administration, it let me zero in on an area of interest and take ownership through a final project. During my initial job hunt after graduate school, this project gave me confidence in interviews because I felt that I had something special to show from my time with MOCA GA. Now, I am working for the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and I am so grateful that I had this residency program as a bridge into the professional world."

Quote from past resident Erin Green

“The residency program at MOCA GA gave me a chance to dig my heels into a project and call it my own. I had all of the responsibility and did much more in my time at MOCA GA than just administrative work. It was the first time I was treated like a colleague in a professional setting and the experience gave me a lot of confidence in my skills!"