In Memory of Lucinda Bunnen

MOCA GA is so grateful to have been the recipient of Lucinda Bunnen’s support over our 20+ years.  Lucinda was an important member of the MOCA GA family from its inception.  From her years on the board of Directors, to her support with exhibitions and programing, to her generous donations of books and artwork over the last 20 years, she has given so much to MOCA GA and to the Atlanta artistic community.

Evidence of Lucinda’s prominence in and significance to the MOCA GA life-span is easily tracked all through this website. Lucinda’s photography is found throughout the MOCA GA permanent collection, and can be viewed via links to her biographical page and from the online database.  During the past 20 years, Lucinda took part in numerous MOCA GA exhibitions, both Solo and Group, including Lucinda (2018) and From Hatcher’s Pond (2010).   Her work was featured and she authored/co-authored several publications including “Movers and Shakers in Georgia,” 1978, “Scoring in Heaven, Gravestones and Cemetery Art in The American Sunbelt States,” 1990 and “ALASKA Trails, Tales and Eccentric Detours,” 1992, each of which can be found in the MOCA GA library collections.  Through the years, MOCA GA has been fortunate to receive nearly 300 books for the MOCA GA library and close to 100 works of art for the permanent Collection.

Lucinda Bunnen was a real friend to the Atlanta arts community, and especially to MOCA GA… she was an incredible artist, philanthropist and friend, and she was much loved and will be missed.

A Rich Life, always surrounded by friends and family

From the 2002 MOCA Parade to Exhibitions and Fundraisors

Lucida was part of MOCA GA from the MOCA GA Parade and Grand Opening in 2002

She could often be found supporting MOCA GA at our annual GALA and supporting local artist at the Pin Up Shows