2016 Host Committee

Phyllis Abramson and Sam Shelton

Elkin Goddard Alston

Susan and Ron Antinori

Lyn and Rick Asbill

Alan Avery

Melissa and Philip Babb

Bill Bolen and Robin Aiken

Dr. Danny Boston and Dr. Catherine Ross

Mitchell Brannen

Pam and Jamie Breen

Barbara Brenner

Lucinda Bunnen

Ashley and Joe Camoosa

Aimee and Tom Chubb

Sue Cleere and Barbara Senftleber

Hope Cohn and John Schneider

Charles Cone and Linda Hobgood

Annette Cone-Skelton and J. Robert Hipps

Barbara and Bo Crum

Lavona Currie

Betty Jo and Andy Currie

Tracy and Von DuBose

Diane Durgin

Betty and Bob Edge

Anne and Martin Emanuel

Julia Emmons

Martha Eskew and Chet Tisdale

Jim Getzinger and Joel Desmarteau

Betty and Alston Glenn

Elizabeth and David Golden

Ralph Green and Amy Totenburg

Elizabeth and Randy Gregson

Nikki Gugliotta

Jane Price Harmon and Mikell Jones

Mary Hataway

Ben and Allison Hill

Sarah and Harvey Hill

Sophie and Ken Hobbs

Ron and Jean Hunnicutt

Bobbo Jetmundson

Judy and Scott Lampert

James H. Landon

George Lanier

Marchant and Ronald Martin

Scott and Lauryn Masterson

Jo and Jim McLean

Chris and Eileen Millard

Nancy and Lyle Nichols

Donna Northington

Claudia and Rex Patton

Stuart Pliner and Barbara Bing

Usher IV and Grace Raymond

Georgia Schely and Diff Ritchie

Chris Roblyer

Phyllis and Sidney Rodbell

Jack Sawyer and Bill Torres

Jared Skelton and Hope Seeber

Preston Snyder

Kelly Loeffler and Jeff Sprecher

Joe Staley

Mary and Drew Stanley

Sara and Paul Steinfeld

Stephen Swicegood and Ruthann Rosenberg

Todd Tautfest and Mateo Restrepo

Lisa Cannon and Chuck Taylor

Carol and Ramon Tomé

Mary Kathryn and Trey Turner

Gwen and Larry Walker

Erin Watt

Joan Whitcomb

Ramona and Benjamin White

Sue and John Wieland

Anne and Myott Williams

Catherine Wilmer

Mary and Robert Yellowlees