Working in Atlanta beginning in 1953, poet and book artist Ruth Laxson (1924-2019) directed her artistic energy towards ideas and content using language as a key element in her artwork. Please enjoy exploring the online collections through the links in the biography below.

In the 1970’s Ruth Laxson began to develop and hone her book making skills, and in 1987, at the age of Sixty-three, she created her personal press, “Press 63+.”  Through Atlanta’s Nexus Press, Laxson was also able to publish a few of her works to a much bigger audience while still keeping her individual style intact.

Laxson’s work often dealt with current socio-political issues, such as reproductive rights in A Hundred Years of: LEX-FLEX and religious fundamentalism in Ideas of God.  Intrinsic to Ruth Laxson, and threaded throughout her work, was a playful spirit, which is apparent in her many undated journals and sketchbooks. These documents are filled with ideas, artwork, clippings, drawings, writings, and musings.

Proofs and early and unfinished copies of many of Laxson’s artist books found in the MOCA GA archives include Measure Cut Stitch, WHEELING, A Hundred Years Of: LEX FLEX, EARTH SCORE, Muse Measures, Retell The Tale, and IMAGING.

From January 26 – March 30, 2013 MOCA GA held the retrospective exhibition Hip Young Owl.  In conjunction with this exhibition, MOCA GA produced the Oral history Videos Ruth Laxson: Hip Young Owl, and Ruth Laxson in the Garden and the Studio.

More insight about Ruth Laxson’s relationship to the world of art and communication might be gleaned from the collection of personal books she donated to MOCA GA in 2010.