“For me painting is the filtering of many things through the actions taken. I am filtering  – and expressing at the same time – those intangible attributes of place, or of feelings and life experiences.
I utilize my intuitive “compass” to paint; this approach allows for an output of energy with many actions – gestures, line, scoring and scraping, subsuming, while coaxing forth form or arriving at a balance between tension and release. My aim is to create dynamic interest, where those actions taken are in sum imperfect, vulnerable and immediate, applied to a tuned surface.

I am intrigued by shapes that materialize by exploring unconscious drawing, and I frequently use an App for quick sketching without pre-intention of results, ultimately arriving at succinct non-representational / abstracted shapes. My work brings together my homage to abstracted line systems and to color. Color is purposefully used to both enliven and/or to balance; I look to push, pull – using light, color and layering.

Whether subsuming line moves beneath layers of poured paint or by coaxing a developing history from added collaged elements, by subtraction (both for textural effects and the element of depth), the process itself is a means to the resulting finished works, which at their core are authentically generated from a positive view about possibilities – both in art making and in life.”, Artist Statement

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