“My art practice involves several media: I began my artistic career as a book artist and, in many ways, aspects of bookmaking carry over into filmmaking in terms of creating a narrative through the sequencing of images… I am investigating ideas about love and loss, faith and longing in attempt to capture what is both beautiful and fleeting. The primary activity of my work is an effort to distill, slow down, observe, remember and recover these fleeting moments.”

Robin Bernat (b. 1965 in Monroe, LA) is an Atlanta-based artist, writer, and curator. She graduated from the University of Georgia and the Atlanta College of Art and studied Art History at Emory University. Primarily working in film, Bernat’s work explores the fleeting and transitory. Alongside at MOCA GA, her work has can be found in numerous collections, including in the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY), the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (Kansas City, MS), and the High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA).  In addition to museum collections, Bernat’s work is represented in several corporate and private collections as well. Robin Bernat is also the owner and curator of Poem88, a gallery and bookshop in Atlanta, GA.


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