“I have been a professional photographer for 35 years shooting corporate meetings, publicity events, conventions, portraits, architecture, displays of products, dance and some fashion. I have worked for everyone from my next door neighbor to major companies. I moved to Georgia in the early 70’s and started going to the mountains soon after, enjoying the Chattooga’s waters and forest.”

Reis Birdwhistell (b. 1951) gravitated toward photography from an early age. After his initial introduction to the medium, as school editor and photographer, he enrolled into a college program specializing in photography. Upon receiving his A.A., Birdwhistell began his professional journey as a photographer, which led him to Photographic Services of Atlanta and then a longstanding career as a free-lance photographer. Birdwhistell follows a photographic path with infinite possibilities, stating, “I have taken pictures of all sort of things, from past presidents to the neighbor’s children, from small jewelry to tall buildings. I can use everything from 8×10 cameras to the latest digital cameras.”

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