“My private studio work is more intuitive and stresses the evocative over the illustrative. While many of my paintings and watercolors are subjective, I continue to draw from nature, as reflected in my sketchbook pages, figure and animal drawings. I believe that art must be of its own time, though I highly respect and draw from the great traditions of painting and drawing from times past.”

Painter Ralph Gilbert (b. 1948 in Los Angeles, CA) studied at the Chouinard Art Institute (now the California Institute of the Arts)  earned his M.F.A. from the University of California in Santa Barbara. In 2005, he was awarded the Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Fund Fellowship in mural painting at the National Academy of Design (New York, NY). Gilbert has been commissioned for public projects St. Paul Union Depot (MN), the Piedmont Park Conservancy (Atlanta, GA), the Helene S. Mills Senior Center (Atlanta, GA), and a series of 23 paintings for the Milken Family Foundation (Santa Monica, CA). Gilbert’s work aims to capture the diverse cultures and complex histories of various communities.

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