Born in Atlanta Georgia as Quintavius De’Shon and later renamed Robert by his adoptive parents, Robert “Q.” Oliver, began photographing with his grandmother’s cameras as a child. While exploring the streets of Atlanta, he made a name for himself in the local art and photography scene by pushing the limits of what was socially acceptable in fashion and beauty. His trademark photographs of elegant ballerinas and nude models in the middle of the city’s busy streets, as well as cinematic depictions of true life scenarios. Though fashion and fine art were his focus as a young and budding artist, he developed an affinity and respect for travel and exploring other cultures through the discovery of photographs featured in National Geographic and other travel periodicals. Such images inspired Q. to leave his home and travel with his camera to places such as India and Cuba, exploring the chaos and beauty that exists abroad. He continues to document the world and create engaging images of this generation.

Individual works in the MOCA GA Permanent Collection:

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