“For the American photographer Michael Turner, the camera is no protective breastplate which he hides himself behind. In contrast to his many colleagues, he doesn’t simply watch, instead preferring to take part in the performances of those he observes. He makes the life of his models an essential part of his own. For example, he regularly visited for over a year the worship services of a community that drank poison during the service, celebrated rituals with snakes, and danced in trances. He became a creature of the night behind the facades of pompous nightclubs to discoed the false glimmer behind exuberant party life. ”      “So extraordinary are his themes and so unpretentious his style. In quite and often oppressive pictures, Michael Turner portrays from the edges of life. Far from any sensationalist desire, it’s almost as if he wants to be excused for his own penetrating curiosity.”

S. Schmidt, Foto Forum, Frankfurt, Germany  1994

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