Krohne has been making fine art photographs since 1979. In 1983, he graduated with honors, securing a B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography from the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee. He began showing his work in 1981 through group shows in galleries throughout the Midwest. From 1982 through 1985, Martin was a member of Art In Milwaukee. This artist-run cooperative was affiliated with a group in New York City. Both groups’ focus was on exhibiting art in non-traditional spaces. In New York, this meant anything from parking structure windows to a junk yard. In Milwaukee, they exhibited in hotel lobbies, veteran halls and other public spaces. During that time, Krohne experimented with installations, most of which appeared in New York. In Milwaukee, he focused on photographic works – including several darkroom experiments with montage. In 1985, he curated the last New York show for this group., his first web site, went online in 1996. Martin began creating digital art that appeared only on the web site. During this time he experimented with digitally manipulating photography and creating narratives to go with these images. In 1998, Martin moved to Atlanta, and soon joined the Atlanta Photography Group, where he began showing photographs through the group’s gallery. He is now on their Board of Directors. He’s been showing some work in Atlanta, but focused mainly on growing the Atlanta Photography Group. Krohne was represented by 2000AD until they closed their doors in late 2005. New work includes a series of nudes developed for 2000AD, a series of abstract images exploring color and texture in everyday objects and an ongoing series of people stories based on street and studio photography.

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