“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t take pictures…but with lesser cameras they were ordinary souvenir pictures…Then one day I happened to open one of my father’s desk drawers and saw a shiny new Rolleiflex, which I knew was a good camera. When my father came home, I asked him, ‘Can I have it?’ He said yes; and I knew that from that day on, if I didn’t take good pictures, I couldn’t blame it on the camera.”

Scientist and artist Mario DiGirolamo (b. 1934 in Rome, Italy – d. 2019)  was photographer for over 60 years. He moved to Atlanta in 1968 to work as a physician and researcher at Emory University. Alongside his career in science, DiGirolamo followed his passion for photography; his black and white images, capturing the simple beauty of everyday life, feature the people and places of his native Italy, of Europe, of the United States, and of other countries around the world visited during his frequent travels.

In 1994, DiGirolamo hosted his first solo exhibition at the Shatten Gallery of Emory University (Atlanta, GA). Since then, he has participated in numerous other shows, solo exhibits and competitions. Through the Atlanta Photographic Society, he has received awards in both black and white and color categories. From 1994 to 1998, he also received the annual Francis Wu Award for Creative Photographer of the Year. DiGirolamo has published two books of black and white images: Sole e Ombra / Sun and Shadow (2000) and Visione (2015).

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