“Over the years I’ve explored many processes and media. Whether I choose, printmaking, photography, painting, or embroidery, my work reflects an underlying narrative, however nonsensical, regarding feminist themes and imaginative, other worldly subjects.

When I do embroidery, I first prepare drawings of my subject matter, which are transferred to fabric and embroidered. I like to use the burlesque-picaresque in my imagery to express concerns with the feminist politics of the day that provoke the sexual undercurrents and sense of discomfort pervading my work.

“My Mother Was an Alien and I’m an Escape Artist” series originated during a 2010 visit to Disneyland, where I photographed the very retro-looking rides in Tomorrowland. The process of printmaking called intaglio-type allowed me to
achieve an “otherworld” quality that is still recognizable as being part of our world. I produced the prints by laminating a photopolymer film to a thin plate of plastic and exposing the laminated plate to a UV light source with a transparency. I employed a 4-color separation process, using black, yellow, magenta and cyan soy-based Akua inks. The plates are intaglio wiped and printed sequentially on an etching press and Arches 88 paper.

The work reflects in part the writings of the late Zecharia Sitchin, an Azeri-born American author of books promoting a theory of human origin and culture originating from an extra-terrestrial race. What if we are descendants of aliens? I wanted the photographic-based images I made to convey a feeling of an existing reality, but with an unreal feeling, raising the possibility of other worlds, past, present and future.”, Artist’s Statement

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