Laurence Holden is a fine artist working in mixed media, oils, watercolor, intaglio and monoprint printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and drawing. His work has been featured in over 20 solo exhibitions, he is currently represented in over 200 public, private and corporate collections and has been commissioned to create major works for public spaces. He is most widely known for his series of mixed media paintings, The Garden of the Golden Sections, 1984-2001. His work has long explored an elegiac response to the natural world. Transformations of form and content move throughout his work in a way the celebrated painter Pat Adams described as creating “the beauty of a doubleness of meaning with a vivid literalness to it.” Holden lives in the Northeast Georgia mountains, along the northern edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest. He lives there because he says these mountains sustain him and his art. Light, dark, the round of seasons, the time of deep past, deep present, and deep future, all speak to him, mixing in alchemal mists that reveal, hide and transform steep slopes, shaded coves, bright rivers and deep forests.

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