John Bohannon is an Atlanta-based photographer. Born in Daytona, FL in 1967, Bohannon’s gravitational pull in the artistic world steers him back to photography over all other mediums. His work involves alternative processes but he also works with digital and film formats. Specifically, cyanotype remains Bohannon’s optimum choice and his “first process love.” Numerous exhibitions in Atlanta, as well as, Daytona, FL spanning from 2005-2009 have varied; Toy Cameras in the Rural South, Louisville, GA, paved the way for a litany of photographic exhibitions, with Three Voices at the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, 2010 solidifying Bohannon’s artistic perspective. John Bohannon’s photography has appeared in Shots Magazine, Issue 103, 2009; The Florida Review Summer Issue, cover art, 2009 and in 2010, The Adirondack Review’s Spring Online Issue. He is affiliated with the MOCA GA through the Atlanta Photography Group.

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