Jarvin Lee Parks (1930-1967) was an Atlanta artist and poet who grew up in Tennessee and later attended the Atlanta Art Institute in the early 1950s.

Little is known of Jarvin Lee Parks, but Robert A. Schanke, author of Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans wrote that Cal thought of Jarvin, who died in 1967 of complications from a brain tumor, as his dear friend. “He was thin, wiry, hawkish-looking guy with glasses, a dapper dressor who bought Brooks Brothers fashions, children size.  A very clever, Toulouse Lautrec type, he had a whole coterie of “artsy” friends. His vast apartment/studio was lavishly furnished and decorated with expensive French antiques and object d’arts –sphinxes, obelisks, statuary—some of which Cal inherited when Jarvis died.  Cal credited his friend with teaching him Elegance.


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