Jan Kapoor has been involved in fine art photography for many years, but her primary interests are landscapes, natural abstraction and still life. She has been drawn to pinhole imagery for the past several years, utilizing her vast collection of handmade cameras, from medium to large formats. Kapoor’s vision of pinhole rests on the perception that it’s the most expressive of the imperceptible passage of time; the invisible transforms into an identifiable format and the mystery of non-human life transforms, as well. Kapoor prints extensively in alternative processes including cyanotype and platinum/palladium. Digital technology has become another important creative tool in her work. She exhibits her work extensively; locally, nationally and internationally. Her work is included private collections throughout the world, and is also in several private and corporate collections in the United States. Jan Kapoor has published several books of her work, including The Intertidal World; Camera Obscura; Japan: A Visual Journal and Ossabaw Island.

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