Actor and photographer Gloria Diana Maloof was born on March 20, 1933 in Paris. In Atlanta, she attended the Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia and was an active member of the Atlanta Radio Theatre and Atlanta Civic Theatre. After joining the Academy Theatre, Gloria became a member of the Academy’s four-person acting ensemble.  She was an actress in the ensemble of the Southeastern Academy of Theater and Music where she met her husband Ted Maloof in 1956, and married him 1959.  Gloria earned a BA in visual arts from Georgia State University in 1978 followed by an MA in 1982 from the same institution.  In 1988 she became the Co-director of Atlanta Theatre Lab. She was on the board of directors for Atlanta’s Actors in Renaissance from 1984-1988, Seven Stages Theatre from 1990-1996, and became a board member for Atlanta Photography Group in 1996.