George Beattie (b. 1929 Cleveland, OH – 1997)  was an Atlanta-based painter and professor. He was educated at the Cleveland School of Art. After serving as a Visual Aid in the Air Force during WWII, Beattie met his southern wife and settled down in Georgia. He taught at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture as well as at the Atlanta Art Institute. Inspired by the classical ruins he saw during his travels to Greece, Beattie has described his art as an attempt “to express a sense of the luminous antiquity of the past as an undertone in the present appearance of ancient lands.” Known for landscape, genre, and murals, Beattie’s works have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, NY, the Cress Gallery at the University of Tennessee, and the Art Institute of Chicago, IL; he also has works in the collection of the Montclair Art Museum, High Museum of Art, Georgia Museum of Art, and Whitney Museum of American Art. In Macon, Georgia, a cycle of the artist’s murals depicts regional history themes in the U.S. Federal Post Office building.

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