“I am interested in presenting reality more accurately than I can actually see it. On one level, my work is about a certain density. There is more to see than we can actually see.”

Douglas Busch (b.1951 in Miami Beach, Florida) is a photographer known for his large-scale black and white photographs. He aims to explore the nuances of beauty and irony of everyday life and to capture the monumental within the ordinary.  Busch earned a B.A. (1992) from the University of GA and a B.F.A. (1992) from the Atlanta College of Art. He also attended the Academy of Rome as a Visiting Artist in 2001, as well as Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. Busch has published several books, including Platinum Photographs (2019) and Zuma Foam (2016). Busch has works in numerous collections, including MOCA GA, Carnegie Museum of Art (Oxnard, CA), Museum of Photographic Arts (San Diego, CA), and the International Museum (Duesseldorf, Germany).

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