Born in Bitburg Germany in 1963, Frieden is a current resident of Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended Atlanta’s College of Art.  She is currently a freelance photographer and exhibiting artist but maintains an affinity toward mixed media art, as well. Recent work takes Debra to the performance artisans working within the Cirque du Soleil family. Photographic journeys include Elena Lev, re-known hoop artist, a rhythmic gymnast in the current production of Wintuk, and Duo Design, a gymnastic duo who performs worldwide. Debra is also working on photographing Rastafari natives of the West Indies working in close relationship with Dr. Jake Homiak, curator of the Smithsonian’s Discover Rastafari! exhibition. More documentary in its focus, the work hopefully will capture the portraiture of a people. Debra Frieden’s museum collections include the Smithsonian Institution, 2010. She is the recipient of the Pilsner Urquell International Photo Awards, in numerous categories, the Smithsonian Magazine, Serbin/Canon and the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Award.

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