A native of Texas, Daniel Troppy has received national attention exhibiting in cities including Asheville, Birmingham, Houston, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and Washington, DC. His work is in the collections of The Children’s Museum of Mexico City, Mexico, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama, Museum of Contemporary of Art of Georgia, among others. Troppy works with mixed media on panel – oil, acrylic, and sand, as well as a variety of domestic materials. He explains this technique: “By using material that I have found in my travels I am able to capture a moment in time. Also, using anything that I can put my hands on at a particular moment shares the sense of urgency I feel.”The new body of work incorporates a stylistic shift for Troppy as he selects a single icon – that of the human figure, as the expressive vehicle for his ongoing exploration of mankinds spirit. Editing the narrative information contained in the previous work Troppy employs a quiet minimalism to evoke the spiritual element that relates us to our true selves.In his most spiritually oriented work to date the artist shapes a silhouette in subtle bas relief on panel that seems to grow from within the heavily worked and textured monochromatic surfaces. This process suggests a compelling presence which the viewer will want to reach out and touch. Gentle auras surround or flow from these beings, implying energies felt more than seen. In his thoughtful, poetic, portraits Troppy seeks insight into the human psyche.

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