“I explore contemporary existence at the convergence of digital and physical, technological and biological, spiritual and experiential. I use bio-fiber and various digital video technologies to create site-specific immersive installations, video-sculpture, and photography.”

Interdisciplinary artist Bojana Ginn earned her M.D. (2001) from The University of Belgrade, (Serbia) and completed her M.F.A. (2013) in Sculpture at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD; Savannah, GA). Merging art, science, and technology, Bojana creates multimedia installations, sculpture, and photography.

One of her first student works resonated with the international SciArt community and was presented at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium in Brussels, and also in Ghent, Boston, and Baltimore. While at SCAD, Bojana was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant and for the Outstanding Achievement Award, International Sculpture Center. Later as a resident artist of the Studio Residency at The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Bojana was awarded  2014 Tanne Foundation Award that she shares with her husband and artistic partner, Brian Ginn.

Bojana was chosen as an artist in residence for the 2015 Global Summit on Ethics in Bio-Engineering. For her trans-disciplinary work, her unorthodox use of materials, and her incorporation of video and sound digital technology, Bojana was a finalist for the 2015 World Technology Award in Art. Her work and writings are shown and published in Atlanta, nationally, and in Europe. Her video work was exhibited at the 2016 Venice Architectural Biennale.  Ginn lives with her husband and son in Decatur, GA and serves as a fellow of The World Technology Network, NYC. Ginn is represented by Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.

Individual works in the MOCA GA Permanent Collection:


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