Ansley West is a fine art photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. West works in documentary and conceptual photography. Her art interprets narratives both real and speculative through her compositions, often using herself to recontextualize those stories. The work portrays social issues on subjects like mental health, women’s portrayal in the media, HIV/AIDS in Uganda, food consumption, and the psychology of altered landscapes. She shoots film with a large and medium format camera.  She hand- prints both traditionally on fiber paper and alternatively in palladium.  The whole process from film to darkroom is an important part of her photography. West’s artwork is in many private collections including Georgia’s Museum of Contemporary Art. West has worked on many international projects.  Recently, she directed and shot a feature documentary film called Mothers of a Nation on 16mm and digital HD in Jinja, Uganda about women living with HIV and their connection to agriculture.  She has had three solo shows and has been in many group shows. West’s work has been published in Shots Magazine and three books: “Slow Exposures,” “Family by the Santa Fe Workshops” and “The International Library of Photography Book.”

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