“My artist’s mission is to create a mirror that reflects our human drama, relationships, and experiences.

My goal is to transform media into images and stories that speak to our humanity, who we are as individuals and how we are governed collectively by societal and cultural perceptions.  

My 45 years in television news and documentary production provided me with a front row seat in the theatre of human experience.   Over time I developed a unique understanding of how culture and diversity interact with the human drama and condition to create continual change in our world. My imagery is a close up, where personal identity and human relationships are revealed primarily as self, psyche, and communication.

My process for creating art and imagery is abstract.  It is intuitive rather than intellectual.  I approach the blank canvas with no plan, preconceived notion, idea, or attachment to outcome.  I believe that partnering with the paint and working in concert with the medium offers me an enhanced ability to create unique and unprocessed imagery.  Through the physical act of painting, I begin to see images actually pushing their way into my world through the confusion of colors, textures, lines, and shapes.  If an image fascinates me, I use my skillset to further develop it.  If not, I continue to manipulate the paint and wait for the next image to appear.

I have been creating art for more than half a century, and the process still challenges and excites me.”, Artist’s Statement

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