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The Last Taboo

Jun 23, 2005 - Jul 9, 2005
10am - 5pm

The Last TABOO was a short-run historical exhibition which celebrated Atlanta’s curatorial group TABOO and marked the arrival of its historical documents into the MOCA GA Archives.

For ten years, the four core members of TABOO (Larry Jens Anderson, David Fraley, King Thackston, and Michael Venezia) curated exhibitions throughout Atlanta at such venues as Nexus Contemporary Art Center (currently known as The Contemporary), Chastain Art Center, the Atlanta College of Art and the Atlanta Arts Festival in Piedmont Park.  Larry Jens Anderson, the group’s only surviving member and former Associate Professor of Painting at the Atlanta College of Art, curated this very last exhibition by TABOO.  Among those included in the exhibition are Lisa Alembik, Roel Daves, E. K. Huckaby, Pam Longobardi, Robert Sherer, Brad Thomas, Elizabeth Turk, as well as TABOO’s four core members.

“The oral histories and donated materials that document TABOO’s active life span are a critical and permanent part of the state’s art history,” stated MOCA GA President/CEO Annette Cone-Skelton.  “The revolutionary importance of TABOO will now be preserved for generations.  In the short term, however, MOCA GA hopes to broaden public awareness of this group of artists and their work through this unique partnership with the Atlanta Pride Committee.”


Lisa Alembik

Ginger Bailey

Clyde Broadway

Roel Daves, III

David Fraley

Alex Kavares

Pam Longobardi

David Merton

Larry Miller

Charles Nelson

Bill Paul

M.J. Kirby Smith

Brad Thomas

Robert Toedter

Kara Walker

Tom Woodruff