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Apr 17, 2013 - Jun 8, 2013
10am - 5pm

An exhibition of new works by the 2012/2013 WonderRoot Walthall Artist Fellows.

“ONE ONE was curated incrementally, as much by the committee that selected the artists to form a Fellowship as by the leaders and mentors who freely shared so much wisdom and vision with them. Even more, ONE ONE was guided by the eleven artists themselves, who have listened closely to each other as they learned out loud over the course of the year. Their expert listening may have led to the calm coherence of these rooms.

ONE ONE was eleven singularities with a shared interest in essence.  Where there is mystery, there is warmth and invitation.  Where there is rigor, there is charm and ease.  Where there is wild experiment, there has been much deliberation.

All artworks in ONE ONE were made in 2013, and many were completed in the weeks and days preceding the opening of the exhibition.  Many emerged from a moment of pause.  Many employ a new idea or process.  The year of Walthall has been a year of introspection, and these works all pulse like a solar-powered lamp at dusk.  They have been storing energy.”

— Maggie Ginestra

Walthall Artist Fellowship Facilitator, 2012/13

ABOUT WonderRoot’s Walthall Artist Fellowship 

The WonderRoot Walthall Artist Fellowship is a yearlong professional development program for artists as they seek to build lifelong sustainable careers based in Atlanta. The Fellowship consists of eight monthly symposia in which local leading artists and arts leaders share perspectives on topics such as portfolio building, digital presence and working with institutions; eight monthly roundtable conversations in which the Fellows lead talks about issues critical to their practice; a yearlong one-on-one mentorship unique to each participating artist; a five-day retreat together on Ossabaw Island; and a final exhibition.

Andre Keichian

Bethany Collins

Corian Ellisor

Deborah Sosower

Hailey Lowe

Helen Hale

Inkyoung Chun

Kevin Byrd

Michael Klapthor

Rachel Stoker

Roni Nicole Henderson