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The Wonder of It All

Apr 28, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018
11am - 5pm

MOCA GA is pleased to present The Wonder of It All, an exhibition in three parts. This exhibition will feature three dimensional portraits by Susan Cofer, photographs by Jerry Siegel and works from the MOCA GA Permanent Collection.

Susan Cofer and Jerry Siegel will depict prominent figures, from Atlanta visual artists to critics and writers to musicians and well known patrons of the arts.  These images will be further complemented by a selection of artworks from the MOCA GA permanent collection, created by many of the artist represented within the portraits.


The Exhibition Opening Reception will be held on Friday, April 27th from 5:30 – 8:30 PM

A Statement from Susan Cofer

Do you ever wonder what urge, what force, what desire compelled a member of our species thousands of years ago to enter a damp, dark cave with the idea to make an image? Have you ever wondered, as I have, why humans year after year wake on a morning itching to shape something to be seen or heard? Some might say it was for God, or an antidote to chaos, or simply for money, and yet I wonder if it is in our cells, even before a reason, to move inexorably toward communication.

Here is another question. Have you ever wondered what people see or hear in art that makes them want to embrace it, collect it and protect it? The Greek statues, the Chinese soldiers, the African masks, the pottery, the tunes, the harmonies -all things we treasure long after they were made. Why save art? Or another question: why destroy it? How potent can art be that it incites destruction?

What of the effort – it is not a new thing- to translate the visual into the verbal? Or write about what is heard? What rests in the head of the critic that says, “Put words to this sight”? “Describe what you have heard.”

Surely you have joined me in wondering about the dedication of teachers, and not only the ones in schools, anyone who wants to explain, to pass along acquired knowledge. What compels a person to give and give and give hoping to share the spark of inspiration?

—Susan Cofer, 2018


About Susan Cofer

Susan Cofer earned her BA in Art History at Hollins College in Roanoke, VA and continued her studies at Georgia State University. Her work has two distinct manifestations: drawings inspired by biomorphic forms painstakingly rendered in a series of vertical lines; and, sculptural portraits commissioned by friends and private patrons constructed mostly of papier mâché also with exacting detail. Cofer has exhibited extensively throughout the Southeast with solo exhibitions at Solomon Projects, Swan Coach House Gallery, Berry College, and Madison-Morgan Cultural Center. In 2012, Cofer had a large retrospective exhibition at the High Museum of Art entitled Draw Near.  Her work belongs to many private, corporate and museum collections. She was featured in a solo exhibition of new works at MOCA GA in 2010, Absence of Certainty, alongside a group exhibition of drawings, Certain Artists, which she curated from MOCA GA’s permanent collection and her own own private collection.

Click here to view all works of Susan Cofer’s in The MOCA GA Permanent Collection

About Jerry Siegel 

Jerry Siegel was born and raised in Selma, AL. Influenced by photographers such as Diane Arbus, he also draws inspiration from painters. He began his education at the University of South Alabama in Mobile and continued at the Art Institute of Atlanta where he received an honors degree. Both a fine art and commercial artist, Siegel has been working as a photographer in Atlanta for more than twenty years. His portrait series, Southern Artists was exhibited in 2007 at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, LA. Siegel’s work was also featured in two solo exhibitions in his home state:  Black Belt Panoramas at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art and Black Belt Color at the Jule Collins Smith Museum in Auburn. In addition to these museums, Siegel’s work is in other public collections including MOCA GA and the Telfair Museum Jepson Center for the Arts in Savannah. Private and corporate collections include Federal Home Loan Bank of America, King & Spalding, Morris, Manning & Martin and Boyd Collar Knight.

Click here to view all works of Jerry Siegel’s in The MOCA GA Permanent Collection


Featured Image: Susan Cofer, The Compleat Jerry Cullum, 1999, Mixed Media, 21″ x 26″ x 11 3/4″, Gift of the artist, The MOCA GA Permanent Collection