WAP Fellows at MOCA GA (2007/2008 through 2013/2014 with Franklin Sirmans, Bob Edge, and Annette Cone-Skelton.)
The Working Artist Project (WAP) is an fellowship program to support established visual artists of merit who reside in the┬ámetropolitan Atlanta area. This initiative provides an unparalleled level of support for individual artists, expands the Museum’s mission, and promotes Atlanta as a city where artists can live, work, and thrive. Each year a guest juror selects three visual artists. Representing our city’s best and brightest; these artists are supported with an exhibition, promotion, a studio apprentice, and a major stipend to create work over the course of the year. WAP is supported by a grant from The Charles Loridans Foundation with additional funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.
The next call for Working Artist Project submissions is schedules for Spring 2014. Stay tuned!
Scott Ingram (2013/2014) E.K. Huckaby (2013/2014) Fahamu Pecou (2013/2014)
Jiha Moon (2012/2013) Katherine Taylor (2012/2013) Shara Hughes (2012/2013)
Gregor Turk (2011/2012)
Martha Whittington (2011/2012)
Brian Dettmer (2011/2012)
Xie Caomin (2010/2011)
Micah Stansell (2010/2011)
Katherine Mitchell (2010/2011)
Matt Haffner (2008/2009)
Marcia R. Cohen (2008/2009)
Maria Artemis (2008/2009)
Larry Walker (2007/2008)
Don Cooper (2007/2008)
Danielle Roney (2007/2008)